About Us

Why are we special?

At Little Green Steps we strive to provide high standards of education and care for children aged between 3 months - 5 years.


We promote an engaging and stimulating home-based learning atmosphere, where your child will develop a strong understanding of the natural world.

We aim to create an environment for your child that is free from nasty artificial chemicals, toxins in food and where sustainable living, such as recycling, is encouraged as a fundamental value. This will encourage a sense of responsibility in your child and teach your little one to respect all living things and their surroundings.

Our natural home-based childminding setting will provide your child with a range of activities aimed to develop their senses though creative messy play and nature walks in Bishops Park (right opposite our home!). Time spent in a natural environment promotes focus, listening, attention and calm, beside the most important feature, which is Health.

We sustain the idea that we live in a cosmopolitan city, where diversity and inclusion are highly promoted. We take this as an advantage to learn about different cultures, traditions and celebrations from all around the World!

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