Gabi and Alan Weetch say:

We met Claudio at Bobby's Playhouse (part of Asquith nursery) in Fulham about 3 years ago. He was one of the teachers looking after our son Sebastian in the older kids group (3-5 years old).

Claudio was different from the other teachers we met before because he was great at giving daily feedback about Sebastian to us (always thoughtful and precise), and he had a great relationship with the kids at the same time. 

Claudio went above and beyond with teaching, he got the class interested in numbers, different languages, science experiments, and would rearrange the rooms on a daily basis to suit the different activities he was preparing for his class.

He was good at communicating with parents as well as being a great, fun, stimulating teacher to the older kids.

Sebastian mentioned Claudio on a daily basis at home and he would always wave at him or stop for a chat when we bumped into him in the area. We all have a very fond memory of him and we are very grateful for having taught our son in a fun way. As a parent you want a teacher that really cares - and Claudio really cares!


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