Our Food

We personally source our fruits and vegetables overnight from the New Covent Garden Market weekly to make sure the ingredients we use are of the highest quality.

Bread and jams are homemade.

Dry foods, like beans, grains, nuts and seeds are accurately selected online.

All of the above are 100% certified organic ingredients!


How we prepare our Food

At Little Green Steps, our experienced Chef follows a set of important rules regarding the preparation of our meals and the shopping of ingredients:

  • We do not buy pre-packed, ready-made, economy ranges of foods;

  • All of the meals are homecooked, with no absolute presence of processed foods;

  • No oil is utilised for cooking, and therefore no fried food is present on our menus;

  • All of the juices and sweet pudding for special occasions are sugar free (healthy natural sweet alternatives like sweet potatoes, bananas, dates and berries are utilised instead);

  • We do not add any salt to food for babies and toddlers; nursery and pre-school age children will be allowed to have a pinch of Organic Sea Salt in their meals for health benefit;

  • All breakfast cereals have a low-sugar level;

  • The shopping is done weekly to ensure a quick turnaround on the storage of food items and to ensure fruit and vegetable products are fresh;

  • All food purchased is 100% GMO free;

  • All ingredients utilised in the preparation of food are certified as organic;

  • Legumes and pulses are purchased as dry and bagged, avoiding tinned/canned food;

  • When purchasing food, such as tomato sauces or packed seeds/nuts, extra care is taken with regards to processed ingredients whose meaning may sound confusing to people, e.g. preservative E202 - none of these will be allowed on the premises.

  • No white flour is utilised - whole grains only.

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