Homemade Natural Cleaning Products

 Top 5 reasons why Little Green Steps use natural disinfectants:

  1. Healthier Home

  2. Purer Environment

  3. Safer Products

  4. Better air quality

  5. More knowledge of ingredients


Our selection of Natural Disinfectants are a Safer Alternative to the conventional cleaning


  • Simmering cloves and cinnamon on the stove is an effective air freshener and baking soda absorbs odours in carpets, rubbish bins and inside your fridge and freezer. The best air freshener is to find the problem, fix it and open the window for fresh air;

  • Vinegar used alone is safe and effective on counters, floors and windows. One cup of vinegar to three cups of water is strong enough to clean even the grimy outside of your window;

  • Baking soda added to your rinse cycle is an effective fabric softener;

  • Club soda in a spray bottle also works well on windows and mirrors;

  • Lavender and tea tree oils are antiseptic and naturally antibacterial and leave behind a pleasant smell when added to baking soda or hydrogen peroxide;

  • Spraying Hydrogen Peroxide whitens like bleach but much more safely, followed by spraying vinegar on surfaces

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