Stuart and Jiji Evans say:

As for most families, the task of finding safe and stimulating childcare for our two and a half year old daughter whilst my husband and I were at work was daunting. We had become concerned about the nursery that she had been attending for the previous six months.

On a number of recommendations I visited a local 'pre-school' where Claudio was allocated to show me around. I left feeling happy that it was the right place and that Claudio was the right person to look after her.

Over the subsequent eighteen months my first impressions were reinforced; my daughter talks a lot about Claudio every day and my older son who comes with me at pick up time, liked him too. Claudio exudes enthusiasm that is embraced by the children and indeed their parents. He is fun, loving, caring, energetic and dynamic. My husband was particularly keen that our daughter spent time with such a positive male model.

We were all (my daughter, her brother, my husband and I) sad when she left for 'grown-up- school. We often reminisce and only last weekend, when we walked by the nursery, our daughter said how much she liked it.

Clearly it takes more than one person to make an institution exceptional (in his time in the nursery, the OFSTED has given them an Outstanding Rating), but I felt that Claudio's contribution was unique.

I have absolutely no hesitation in endorsing Claudio's enterprise in childcare; there are very few people with such talent and it is important that as many children as possible benefit from his dedication.

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