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Vegan White Chocolate


Solkiki Luxury White Vegan Chocolate, Tahitian Nougat

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Solkiki Luxury White Chocolate, Tahitian Nougat is a delicious luxury white vegan chocolate.

To their decadent base white chocolate, Solkiki add a whole Tahitian vanilla pod, roasted peanut and a sprinkling of pink mountain salt. You may want to buy more than one as it's very moreish and very popular. A best seller for us and Solkiki.

All Solkiki chocolate is dairy free and suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Ingredients: Cold-pressed organic cacao butter, organic cane sugar, gmo-free soy, organic peanut, whole vanilla pod, pink mountain salt

Size: 60g

About Solkiki

Bob and Iris, the creators of Solkiki not only want to create the finest quality chocolate, they want every step to be ethical for people, economy, community, animals and environment, which is why we love working with them and are proud to have their range of luxury vegan chocolate in our shop.

The buying of fine-flavoured chocolate helps to support local communities and farmers who grow the cocoa beans and preserves the natural rainforests and the cocoa trees which produce the uniquely tasting cocoa beans. Solkiki are careful to pay well over fair trade prices and endeavour to keep the supply chain as short as possible to ensure the money goes where it should go.

They are passionate about making a tastier, more ethical and equal world and are dedicated to handcrafting uncompromised, outstanding luxury vegan chocolate for everyone to enjoy. The ingredients are very carefully selected, hand sorted, roasted, hand tempered, hand poured and hand wrapped! Bob and Iris are obsessive about flavour and quality and this love and attention shines through with every bar produced. 

Solkiki's mission is to "make exceptional chocolate for everyone." Their purpose is to "improve the lives of those around us and leave the world a better place. No planets, people or animals will be harmed during the making of our chocolate."

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